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Gold-Bar RITA 102F
S A V Honor X EXAR Rita
DOB: January 2, 2018

We don’t do a lot of embryo work here at Gold-Bar mainly because there is a pretty big check list of criteria to make that kind of a cut! However, EXAR Rita 0113X checks all the boxes. She has produced outstanding calves, all from different matings. She has bred back easily even after being flushed. Her presence is undeniable - easily our highest volumed female - with a gorgeous udder and enormous foot. We love this cow and in turn love this mating to S A V Honor that has resulted in Gold-Bar Rita 102F.

A heifer with added style and “look”. Teat spacing that is downright exciting! If Rita is the chosen one, we have no doubt that she will one day become her new owners favourite cow.




Gold-Bar Heroine 103F
SMW Gustov 3Z X Sheidaghan Heroine 47B
DOB: January 3, 2018

Another home run purchased from the Sheidaghan herd has been VMF 47B. This female has produced GBL 208D (dam of GBL 117F), GBL 102E (who stood second in class at last year’s CWA) and this year’s effort, Gold-Bar Heroine 103F.

This female is super elegant fronted and so straight and well balanced in her lines. If I were on the hunt to kick some butt in showmanship, this would be the heifer I would choose to march onto the battlefield with! 103F earned second place at the Junior Stockmans show with Kaycee on the halter. Excellent temperament. Big, big, big time cow potential.




Gold-Bar Mistress 105F
SMW Gustov 3Z X Sheidaghan Mistress 99B
DOB: January 5, 2018

When we bought this ones dam from Tom Flanagan at Sheidaghan Anghus she was lower on my list of preference than she was on Brads and he went quite a bit over budget to get her! While that caused a brief amount of tension between us, the damn cow continues to prove me wrong with every calf! I now know to have a little more faith in my husbands intuition - especially when Sharon Wagner is the runner up bidder.

Gold-Bar Mistress 105F has a maternal brother working at Baintree Angus in Rockford, AB and also a maternal sister who was part of our show string last year and remains in the herd. This heifer is a pleasure to work with. She has a wonderful temperament and would leave a very positive impression on a young clover bud. For the 4-H graduates, if she’s anything like her mother expect this one to be a pretty quick return on investment.





Gold-Bar Heroine 117F
ADA Challanger 119C X Gold-Bar Heroine 208D
DOB: January 17, 2018

Gold-Bar Heroine 117F was shown at side of her dam this year as Saige’s cow/calf pair. And what a year they had! She won Champion Pair at 4-H Regionals and was then crowned Champion Overall Female. The best part for Saige was when judge Haaland hoisted Saige into the air like she was the Stanley Cup itself! 

I’m not sure you can construct ones much better than 117F and her dam 208D. Both are super sound, come in moderate, easy-keeping packages and her dam has an udder to die for. Combined with the soft made look and big hair coat so typical of the Challenger calves. This one will be scored high on many lists.




Gold-Bar Elba 120F
ADA Challanger 119C X Sheidaghan Elba 50B
DOB: January 20, 2018

Do you know what is infinitely more rewarding than our own success with our cattle? Somebody else’s! When Hillary Sauder selected Gold-Bar Elba 116F at last year’s Harvest Classic Sale we were ecstatic. Since that day, they have been made quite the team!

Gold-Bar Elba 120F is very soft made and big hair coated with a super expansive rib cage. She was a favourite of a good friend of mines at the Young Ranchman's Show in Swift Current.

Coming from a larger framed dam, this one has big time potential




Gold-Bar Piper 305F
ADA Challanger 119C X Valley Lodge Countess 22C
DOB: March 5, 2018

We bought a bred heifer from the good folks at Valley Lodge at the Frontline Sale not even 1 month after we moved out here. After seeing the herd at Gord’s this summer and fall, we should’ve bought her whole family! Just like our VLCC 22C, they too were tidy uddered, high volume, low maintenance cows. All with excellent calves at side.

Gold-Bar Piper 305F is cool! Another soft-made Challenger calf with the kind of hair every fitter dreams about. Her skull is so attractive to us all. A unique individual that will certainly catch your eye and perhaps a tiny piece of your heart.